Private Office

Private Office

Our Private Office, furnished and air conditioned, can comfortably accommodate four desks; it is equipped with wired internet access, wifi and personal telephone number. You can also have one or more mailboxes on the domain “spazio29.it”, with re-routing service to another e-mail address. 
You can choose to rely on our service to answer the phone, welcome guests, receive mail and faxes and support you in the daily management of your business. 
There are several setting up proposals  but it is also possible to customize the office on request.

The service includes:
• Contract 3 months - at least
• Prepayment 1 month
• Deposit guarantee tax-free - non-interest bearing
• Fax centralized reception
• Use of our address for your correspondence

PRICES 2017:
We offer 3 typologies of office:

SMALL - 1 o 2 desks - euro 350,00/month
MEDIUM - 1 o 2 desks - euro 480,00 - 500,00/month
LARGE - from 2 to 5/6 desls - starting from euro 800,00/month

Prices excluding VAT